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Where to Get Help When You Have Trouble Feeding Your Family

The economy has been hard for the last several years, and some have had trouble feeding their family. If you find yourself in that situation, there are options available to you. However, many options take a few weeks to access. While you wait for long term assistance, you have short term options.

Short-Term Options to Feed Your Family

1. Borrow money. If you don’t have money to feed your family, you may benefit from payday loans. Of course, payday loans aren’t a long term solution, but they can tide you over and help you get food on the table immediately.

2. Visit a food bank. You may be able to provide your family immediately with food from a local food bank. Your city may have one as well as local churches in the area.

3. Soup kitchen. Many cities have soup kitchens to feed those in need. If you need to supply your family with a hot meal, soup kitchens can help.

Long-Term Options to Feed Your Family

1. SNAP. SNAP is a federal program that gives you a certain amount for groceries each month based on your income and other factors. This program can help you until you get back on your feet. (You may feel better to know that SNAP is currently helping 46 million people, so you aren’t alone.)

2. WIC. This program is available to pregnant and breastfeeding women and their dependent children under age 5. It is offered separately from SNAP, but if you qualify for SNAP, you will likely qualify for WIC.

3. The National School Lunch Program. This program supplies qualified children with a low cost or free school lunch.

If you are having trouble feeding your family, there are short-term and long-term solutions that can help you survive until your financial situation improves. Many others face similar difficulties, so it is important to utilize the services that are available.

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