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Wedding Insurance and Family Investments

Buying a wedding insurance policy protects you financially against the cost of cancelling or postponing your wedding, as well as costs incurred due to failure of suppliers. A wedding is rarely an investment of only one person’s money, however, so you need to ensure your insurance policy protects everyone in your family who has invested in the big day.

Cheap wedding insurance might limit the number of people who can claim on an insurance policy, or it might not recognise a family member’s contributions under the insurance policy. The best wedding insurance should ensure that all close family members who have a financial investment in your wedding are also financially protected by the insurance. Whatever the cost of your wedding, you should ensure that you are fully insured on the big day.

Illness in the family could be one of the reasons that your wedding has to be cancelled, for example. If a close family member, such as a parent, grandparent or sibling, falls unexpectedly ill you may have to postpone the wedding proceedings. This claim will usually only be valid if they become ill from a condition that was not pre-existing – and if this is the case then your wedding insurance should protect you financially against the costs of cancelling with suppliers and informing guests. If your family members have invested in the wedding, perhaps they will feel reassured to know that their financial investment is also insured.

It’s not unusual for more than one party to help out with the costs of a wedding. With lots of friends and family to invite, and a dream vision of how you want your wedding to look, the costs can easily mount up. Flowers, cakes, bridal wear, the rings, a venue, food, favours, invitations, entertainment… the list of costs can soon become longer than you anticipate once you start planning a wedding. Whilst the bride and groom may be able to support themselves, nevertheless, parents of either the bride or groom may also like to help. Perhaps a sibling might want to contribute, or a grandparent might like to be financially involved in the proceedings too.

Whether these family members pay for a section of the wedding, such as the flowers, the dress or the food or whether they pay for the whole thing – it’s important to know that the best wedding insurance financially protects their investment.

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