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Choosing Eyeglasses

Many of us wear eyeglasses to correct our vision or to assist in reading. Sure, you want the frames to be fashionable, but you also want them to work and be affordable. How do you choose a pair of glasses that fit well, do their job and don’t break the bank?

Here are a few tips:

  •  Choose a style of eyeglasses that complements, but doesn’t mirror your facial characteristics. If you’ve got an angular face, strong jawline or prominent nose, choose rounder frames to soften your lines. Conversely, if you’ve got a roundish baby face, choose a pair of frames that are more square or horizontally oriented. If you have a strong eye colour, choose frames that don’t distract from them.
  • It seems basic but is sometimes forgotten: Make sure the glasses you get centre your eye in the middle of the lens. Corrective lenses rely on proper positioning of the eyes relative to the lens, and if you buy your glasses online you may not be able to check lens positioning until the glasses show up in your mailbox. The distance between your eyes — called PD by opticians — is crucial to making effective corrective lenses.
  • Try buying online from such sites as Lensbase, where you can find cheaper options because they’re based online and can afford to be more competitive. Not only do they offer online consultancy but they also stock a huge range of choices.
  • Ask yourself how attentive you’re going to be about caring for your eyeglasses. If you live an active life or just don’t want to be hassled with maintaining your glasses, be honest about it before you buy. Don’t buy a fragile, expensive pair of glasses if you’re the kind of person who likes to leave your specs sitting on the floor next to the recliner where you catnap. Conversely, if your job requires a certain appearance, make sure to find glasses that match that professional look.
  • Consider getting multiple pairs of less expensive glasses. You don’t wear the same shoes to work that you do to the gym, and you probably shouldn’t have to wear the same eyeglasses to each place either. While you may not be able to afford the most expensive frames and features, multiple pairs of inexpensive glasses allow you to customize your appearance and may better fit your lifestyle.
  • Whatever frames you choose, make sure to return to the place you bought them to repair, straighten and tighten up your frames. Keeping your eyeglasses in tune helps keep them from suffering irreversible damage.

Listen to your optician. He or she has done this before. If you buy your glasses at an opticians rather than online or elsewhere, you’ve got the advantage of having a trained professional by your side. Take adv

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